Lash Care

  • ​Before applying lashes for first time use, measure lash to your eye. Cut/trim lash if necessary for best fit. 
  • Avoid heavy amounts of lash glue. Use of professional lash glue is recommended. 
  • Avoid use of mascara. If necessary use only water resistant mascara for best results when cleaning. 
  • When cleaning, avoid excessive pulling of lash band.
  • Lash hairs are individually placed. Some hair loss is normal, EXCESSIVE pulling of band can cause excessive loss of hair strands.  
  • When removing lashes, clean and store Lashes in original E'mmaculate Minks lash box.
  • Clean lashes under cold water, brush out the lash with a clean spoolie on a paper towel until the lash goes back to the desired shape
  • Leave the lash to dry
  • Your lashes are ready to wear again!